Tower Erections - Antenna Changes - Turnkey Projects

Tower King II, personnel have built and erected some of the largest/heaviest tower structures in
North America and specialize in heavy rigging.

Previous Projects Include:

  • KAYD-FM Houston, TX (2000' Stainless Tower Erection, Columbus Radio)
  • WRAL-TV Raleigh, NC (2000' Kline Star Mount Arbor Antenna Erection, and 3” Guy Wire Replacement)
  • WUNK-TV Farmville, NC (1100' Electronics Research, Inc. Tower Erection, WUNK-TV)
  • WCGV-TV Milwaukee, WI (Double Stack Antenna Arbor Install, Sinclair/Paxton Broadcasting)
  • KQQL-FM Anoka, MN (1000' FM Tower interlaced guys/remove old tower, ERI/Clear Channel)
  • KRMP-FM Anadarko, OK (2000' ERI Tower and Antenna, tallest structure in Oklahoma, ERI/Perry Broadcasting)

Tower King II, Inc. will work with you to complete your project in a timely and cost effective manor.
We offer solutions to your most difficult tower erections, guy wire changes and antenna problems.

For Bid Proposals And/Or Questions, Contact:
Kevin Barber, Principal
Ph: (469) 272-3388
Fax: (469) 272-3728
Cell: (214) 649-9984
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